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Members of VVC that create a room, become the Room’s Moderator.

ü  A room moderator’s goal is to run a fun and safe room for the members that join it.
ü  The room description should let the members know what is expected of them and the rules of the room.
ü  A room moderator should be present at all times to oversee the room.
ü  A room moderator should greet each member as he or she joins the room in a pleasant and welcoming fashion in the text chat of the room.
ü  A room moderator should offer technical help to members, when needed, on opening cams, adjusting audio and using the room’s features.
ü  If a moderator needs to be away from their computer or leave the room or program for any reason, they should pass the moderation to another room member of their choosing. This is done by left clicking on a member’s name and choosing pass moderation.
ü  If a room moderator loses connection or experiences a technical problem which prevents them from passing the gavel, the gavel will fall to the member that was in the room for the longest period of time.

A member is not following the rules of the room or causing a problem.

As moderator you have several options on how to approach a member that is causing a problem in the room.
·         Let the disruptive member know that what they are doing is unacceptable and give them a chance to change their behavior.
·         If the disruptive member continues the unacceptable behavior, as room moderator, you have several options:

Ø  Restrict their text chat
Ø  Restrict their audio chat
Ø  Restrict their video
Ø  Kick
Ø  Ban username
Ø  Ban IP
 A room moderator can access these options by left clicking on a member's name.
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Moderator’s options and how they work:

Restricting text chat prevents the member from typing text chat into the room, but they can still read the other member’s text chat in the room.

Restricting audio chat prevents a member from speaking on audio and prevents them from hearing everyone’s audio in the room.

Restricting Video prevents a member from turning on their cam and prevents them from being able to view other cams in the room.

Kicking a member out of your room will immediately remove them from your room and will prevent them from re-entering for 45 minutes. This action cannot be reversed by the moderator.

Banning a member’s username from your room will remove the member from the room and will prevent any member with that username from entering the room. However the member can rejoin the room under a different username. This action can be reversed by opening the ban box and unbanning the username.

Banning a member’s IP will remove the member and prevent them from rejoining the room on any username that is associated with the banned IP. This action can be reversed by opening the ban box and unbanning the IP.
The Ban Box can be accessed by left clicking the red circle with the red line through it.

Determining the best course of action.

Restricting a member’s ability to type, hear, or see videos, is a very effective way of showing them you will not tolerate the disruptive behavior. It is always a good idea to lift the restrictions after a few minutes to give the member a chance to modify their behavior. If the disruptive member persists on acting out, reapplying the restrictions is warranted. If the disruptive member is breaking “Terms of Service” you should report it to a staff member.
Most members will not remain in a room if their ability to type, hear or see videos is restricted.
If a member’s username is offensive you should ask them to change it. If the username breaks “Terms of Service” you should report the name to a staff member and the appropriate action will be taken. If the member refuses to change their name you should implement the ban username option.
Banning a member’s IP should always be used as a last resort.

What to expect if a volunteer staff member enters your room.

VVC Staff Members are Managers (MGR) and ASKMEs. Managers and ASKMEs may enter rooms when asked to come in by the room moderator or a room member, or to do a room check to ensure all is going well in rooms. Managers and ASKMEs can also enter rooms to let the room members and room moderator know they are available if needed.
Managers and ASKMEs may enter rooms on their personal name and be part of any open room at any given time and as a courtesy to our fine Staff, stay as long as they choose.
When in rooms, turning on cams or using audio by VVC Staff Members is at the sole discretion of that Staff Member, and this applies to any username a Staff Member is using, whether it is their Staff name, their personal username or one of their sub accounts. In no uncertain terms will a room moderator, kick, ip ban, username ban, restrict audio, restrict video or restrict text chat of any Staff Member regardless of the name they are using.

What to expect if an owner of VVC enters your room.

Owners, who control the Administrative Area of our community, may enter rooms at any given time. However the authority of the room stays with the room moderator, unless the owner deems it necessary to intervene.  Owners can and will enter any lobby or room and leave at their sole discretion. 


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