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General Flash Help

We have compiled a list of documents over the last few years that will help you along your video chat journey. Please use these as a reference on how to use our video chat system. You will need the Adobe PDF reader to view and print.

A. Flash Player supports Macintosh OS 8.6 or later.
B. Browsers that Adobe officially supports are listed in System Requirements. Many other browsers provide support for Netscape and Internet Explorer plug-ins and ActiveX controls. Usually, the Flash Player can be installed in these browsers in the same manner as with Netscape and Internet Explorer.

Try this first: How to fix almost all Flash Player issues

A version of Adobe Flash Player is pre-installed with most popular Internet browsers. Sometimes, problems with a Flash Player that's already installed can prevent your upgrading to the latest player. You can resolve almost all difficulties by taking the following steps:

1) Check System Requirements to ensure your configuration is supported.
2) Make sure you have the latest version of your Internet browser. Installing a new browser can often repair issues with browser installations, and newer browsers may also offer improved security.
3) Uninstall Flash Player (see 'How to remove Flash Player from your computer' above).
4) Restart your computer.
5) Download and install the Flash Player from the Flash Player Download Center.

After updating, I still get prompted to update or the previous version is still installed

You may need to restart your browser or machine to complete the update. If this does not work correctly, restart the machine and test again.

Improving performance

Typically, a faster computer will play Flash content faster. A fast connection to the internet will enable Flash content to be downloaded to your computer more quickly. For best performance, close all other applications other than your web browser while viewing Flash content. Also, increase the amount of cache allocated to your browser to 10 MB. Macintosh users should increase the amount of system memory allocated to the web browser to at least 20 MB.
Performance of Flash content on a particular web site is also affected by the way it was created. A well-optimized web site may perform better than others, and changing this may be beyond your control.

Trouble with a particular web site

Always verify if problems are not actually due to problems with your Flash Player, but possibly only occurring with one particular web site. Try viewing other Flash content (for example, Adobe).
Many developers create detection schemes to determine if viewers have Flash Player installed. If there is an error in the detection scheme, you may be advised that you need to update or install Flash Player even if you already have the latest version installed and working properly. This problem with detection is beyond your control, and can only be addressed by the creator of the web site. Contact their web master for assistance.
Some performance issues are related to the way content is created. A well-optimized web site may perform better than others. These differences in performance are beyond your control, and can only be addressed by the creator of the web site. Contact their web master for assistance.

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