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Video Chat FAQ

i.What is   VoiceandVideoChat is an interactive chatting community based off Adobe Macromedia Flash. It combines the aspects of voice and video chatting into one, easy to use application. Unlike many other chatting communities, it is completely web based and requires no installs. 

ii. What is Voice and Video Chat? Voice and video chat allows you to take Internet communication to the next level. Normally, communication on the Internet is accomplished via the written words in e-mails, instant messaging, or text chat rooms. VoiceandVideoChat goes a step further by adding the ability to hear the voices and see the faces of those you are communicating with right through your computer!

iii. What is the goal of It is VoiceandVideoChat 's goal to provide a vehicle through which global communities of users can be created, and where members can exchange ideas and experiences and participate in events and entertainment that enrich their lives.VVC Safety Tips

iv. What kind of features does the service offer?

v. How much does it cost?

Account Type





8 Cams 8 FPS

$6.95 USD

$69.50 USD


16 Cams 10 FPS

$9.95 USD

$99.50 USD

Platinum Plus

32 Cams 20 FPS

$19.95 USD

$199.50 USD


3 Cams 5 FPS



vi. What is the difference between a lobby and a room?
Lobbies are where members first enter VVC. Each lobby has their own set of rules. Members may conjugate in lobbies to text chat and members can also send private videos in lobbies.  At this time there are no audio capabilities in lobbies, or public videos. Rooms are member created and in rooms voice, video (public or private), and text chat are available. Rooms appear as coffee cup icon in the upper section of lobbies.

Technical Frequently Asked Questions

i. How do I register? Please click the 'Register' link at the top right of the chat. This will allow you to register a screen name with your personal password. Remember to write this information down and then return to the chat and log in! If you fail to register, you will be prompted to a dialog with error message.

ii. How do I login/off? Once you have registered, or if you are returning to the site, you can login to the service.  In the top right you will find a "Login" button. Before clicking "Login" button, please make sure you've entered the right username and password.  When you are logged in you will find "Logout" button in the upper right, click "Logout" button and the service will log you out.  If you are now in a particular chat room, click the "arrow" button in the top right to return to the lobby.

iii. How do enter/exit a room? Log in first as a user, and enter a lobby of your choice.  Once you have entered a lobby, the rooms appear as coffee cup icons in upper part of screen. Left click on the coffee cup icon to enter a room.

iv. How do I send a text message? After selecting a room to enter, you can type a message in the input field near the bottom of the screen and hit "enter" on the keyboard or the "send" button to send the message out. Your message appears on the chat screen following your nickname. Press CTRL+Enter or click the "Newline" button to start a new line.

v. What do the top upper right icons mean?  (from left to right)

upper right icons

Enable/Disable Scrolling:
As new messages come in, old messages will scroll off the top of the screen.  Only a certain amount of lines can appear in your chat box, the previous history will be automatically cleared to ensure adequate chatting speed. You may want to stick the chat window to one position and stop scrolling, click "scroll" button and you can stay where you are. Click it again and the screen will start scrolling all over again.

Enable/Disable Sound:
In a room or lobby, if you want to be notified of any occurrence, you can enable the "sound" button. If you feel the sounds are annoying, you can click the speaker icon to disable room and lobby sounds.  The "sound" button controls all the sound effects in a chat room or lobby.  If you just want to enable/disable one specific sound, you can configure that in the “Option" panel instead.

There are two methods to access the conversation History Panel.
You can click the "history" button to open conversation history or you can check chat history in option panel: Options à View.  Once logged out, your chat log will be cleared. So if the conversation is important to you, save it before you leave.

Clear screen:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Press the eraser icon to clear all chat messages on your screen.

Exit Room:                     
Click the "arrow" button to exit current room/lobby.

Cam Icon: (far left)
can icon

To publish your cam, click the cam icon that appears in rooms, not in lobbies. Make sure you cam is not being used by any other application other than VVC.

vi. How do I use audio in a room?

talk button 
In a room, the talk and hands free options are located in the lower right of your screen. If the room is set to “One at a time,” press the talk button as you speak through your microphone and release it when you are finished. If the room is set to hands free mode, check the hands free box and speak through your microphone.

vii. How do I send a private message? 

There is a room/lobby participant list located on the right side of the chat. Left click on a member’s name, click the “Private” and a private message window will appear. You can also view cams privately this way by clicking the cam icon in the private message window. Cam icons will not show by your name in the participant’s list.


viii. How do I view other members’ cams?

If a member has published their cam, a cam icon will appear to the right of their name. To view the member’s cam, simply click the camera icon beside their username.

ix. Can video windows be resized and repositioned?

Yes, you can resize video windows by moving your cursor over the lower right corner of the video window until it becomes a double arrow, and then drag the window to enlarge it or make it smaller. You may also drag the video windows to reposition them.

ix. What do the icons above the text input area mean?

text icons

Change Avatar:
The first icon is an avatar image.
You can select an avatar by clicking on the icon and choosing from the pop-up panel. The avatar you chose will appear in 3 places: before your words both in public and in private, and before your name in the participant’s list.      

Bold Font:                                                                                                                                      
The "B" icon represents bold text. Click the "B" icon and your message will become bold. 

Italic Font:                                                                                                                                     
The "I" icon represents italics. Click the "I" icon and your message will become italicized. 

Underline Font:                                                                                                                               
The "U" icon represents underline text. Click the "U" icon and your message will become underlined. 

Font Size:                                                                                                                                      
Next to the “U” is where you chose your font size. 

Font Style:                                                                                                                                      
Next to the font size is where you choose your font style.   

Font Color:                                                                                                                                    
The color block beside the font style is for selecting font colors. Once a color is selected from the color-picker, the whole message will change to this color. 

You can launch the animated smiley panel by clicking this icon.  The smiley faces you've chosen will appear at the bottom of your conversation. 

Change Background:                                                                                                                  
Next to the smileys is the option for you to change the background of the chat and video area. Click "change background" icon and you'll see a variety of backgrounds. 

Animated Flash Emoticons:                                                                                                      
You can launch the animated flash emoticon panel by clicking this icon. Once a Flash Emoticon is selected it will be sent into the chat area. 

Predefined Messages:                                                                                                             
Frequently used messages can be easily added or removed. They can be easily copied into text input area by a double-click. Then press "Send" to publish it. Members can input their own canned messages by launching the predefined message panel, clicking “+” to add a message and “-“ to delete one.

x. What is the option panel?                                                                                                                    
Clicking the Option link will launch the Options panel. There are many options you can chose to customize your video and voice chat experience.

xi. Is there a buddies list?
Yes, in the upper left of your chat is a Friend’s list. To add friends to your list, left click on their name and select “Add Buddy.”  Your friend’s name will appear in the list. You can see if they are online and send them private messages by double clicking their username.

xii. How do I configure my Flash settings?                     
There are two ways to access your Flash settings. You can right click on your name and select settings, or on the bottom right of the chat is a wrench. Left click the wrench and the flash settings are launched.

The first icon when clicked will show flash privacy settings. Put a mark in Allow and check Remember.


Local Storage
Next to the privacy icon is the icon that will bring up the local storage screen. Here you select how the service will store information on your computer. The default is set to 100 KB.  You can also change this setting in your options panel.

local storage

The microphone icon will bring up the microphone settings screen.  On the drop down menu you can choose your recording device. If a desktop microphone is used, choose your sound card.  If usb headsets are used, choose your usb headsets. If you use a cam microphone, choose your cam microphone.  The slider bar allows you to  adjust your volume. It is advisable to check “Reduce Echo.”


Clicking the last icon will launch your Camera settings.  The drop down menu allows you to choose your camera device. After configuring your flash settings click the close button and your settings will be saved.


xiii.          How do I create a room?
Once in a lobby, you’ll see a “Create Room” link on the top left. Clicking on that launches the Create Room Settings Window.  You have several options in creating your room.  First you need to name your room. Then choose whether to password it, lock it, or have it accessible for all members. Next you choose the audio settings for your room. You can choose to make your room one talk at a time or an all talk room, where people can use the hands free option. You can also input a room description, which is optional.


xiv.          Do room creators have any powers?
As a room creator or room moderator, you have many options to help maintain a fun and safe environment in your room. These options are accessed by a left click on a member’s name in the participant list.

mod powers

Private and Ignore
Every member has these options whether they are a room moderator or not. Private is selected to send a private message.  Ignore is used to mute a member’s audio and text chat. 


This option is used to kick a member out of a room for 45 minutes.  The kick is on a timer and cannot be undone.  The member is able to re-enter the room when the 45 minutes have expired.

Every member has this option. If selected it takes you to the profile page of the member.

Ban User and Ban IP
These options ban the user’s name or IP from your room. The username or IP will remain banned until a moderator unbans it from the ban list. The red circle with slashed line is the icon used to launch the ban list.

ban box

Add Buddy and Add Mutant                                                                                       
All members have these two options. Add buddy is selected to add a friend to their friend’s list. Add mutant is used to put a member’s audio, text chat and video on permanent ignore or until the member’s name is removed from the mutant’s list which is found on the last pages of the friend’s list. 

Restrict Chat, Audio and Video
Room moderators can restrict the text chat of members in their room. This means they will not be able to input any text chat into the room. Room moderators can also restrict the audio of a member in their room. Which means the member will not be able to speak in the room, their talk button and hands free button are removed. Room moderators can restrict the video of a member in their room.  Which means the member will not be able to publish or view cams of other members in the room.

xv. What is the portrait at the top right of the chat?
This is your custom user portrait. To change this, please login to your account management and update your profile. Paid members may upload their own image. Free account members have many images to choose from in the user account management portrait picture pages.

 xvi. How do I stream music in a room?

Playing music in a room on VVC

 These configurations work with many sound cards, but might not work with all.
Playing a music file is slightly different than using your microphone and requires the changing of your recording settings for Windows Vista or Windows XP. Here's how to do it:

Step 1. Right click on the speaker icon by the clock in the lower right, and select Recording Devices. .
right click 

Step 2. Your Recording Tab Screen may look something like this. There may be only two options listed.


Step 3. Right click in the 'blank area' and select Show Disabled Devices.

show disabled devices

Step 4. Now you may have many more items in the list. Find one called "What U Hear" or "Stereo Mix".


Step 5. Right click on "Stereo Mix", or "What You Hear", and select Enable.


Step 7. Next, right click on it again and select Set as Default Device.


Step 8. Next, right click Apply and Okay.

applyand okay

Step 9. Select the "Hands Free" mode for continuous hands free broadcasting.

Remember that while "Stereo Mix", or What U Hear" is selected, you will not be able to talk through your microphone. Some members prefer to play music through a stereo located close to their computer. This will result in a poor broadcast of music. The preferred method is to select "Stereo Mix" or "What U Hear" and to text chat while the music is playing.

Just remember to switch it back to "Mic" when/if you wish to talk on the microphone.

General Safety Tips

 i.  VoiceandVideoChat highly recommends choosing a password that is of at least 8 characters, containing both letters and numbers. This will help to ensure your account security.
ii. Do not give out personal information. To be safe, never give out details about yourself, especially when creating your profile. You may not know the person with whom you are chatting.
iii. Do not say or do things on the computer that you do not want recorded or captured. While it is illegal in some areas to record and rebroadcast a sound, sight or text without expressive permission, it can and most likely will be done. Be careful not to place yourself in a difficult position or situation.
iv. Do not accept files through e-mail, instant messenger or pagers from people you do not know. Scan all downloads for viruses before opening or using them. Update your virus protection program every few days or at least weekly. If your antivirus software is out-of-date, it will not detect the latest viruses. If you feel a VoiceandVideoChat user is distributing harmful files, please contact us.
v. Do not save passwords for any programs on your computer. If you are afraid you will forget them, write them down and put them in a secure place. Do not give your password to anyone. VoiceandVideoChat employees will never ask you for your account information or your password.
vi. If someone is bothering you, mute them. Left-click on their name and select "Add Mutant." The mute feature enables you to filter out chat, web pages and e-mail from that person. Muted members will appear in your Mutants list within your buddy list.
vii. Control your preferences. Go to "Options" on the menu bar at the top of the screen.  Alter your chat client options and click "Submit."
viii. Knowledge keeps you safe. Learn about your computer, how it works and how the Internet works. This allows you to make informed choices about what to do and what not to do on the Internet. In addition, take the time to learn the VoiceandVideoChat program, its features, options and capabilities.

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